Meeting Updates

March 24th School Board Meeting

The first meeting for Mr. Armas as Trustee for HUSD.  In his opening comments Mr. Armas acknowledged the difficult work that lay ahead.  He spoke of finding balance in the different points of view to reach sound decisions. He re-iterated his commitment to the young people of Hayward and their future. He is hoping to earn the support of the voters for his campaign in November.

There were many speakers in support of the Puente Program.  There were also questions regarding the plans for Harder.  Speakers supporting principals for Burbank, Eldridge and Park were also represented.

There was discussion around the minutes/format for the Board Meetings. Request was made to record information in a usable manner that can be referred to later.

The Board approved a Resolution to Reduce or Discontinue Certain Classified Services for next school year.  It is planned for the Board to receive impact statements and ramifications of cuts in the future.  Let’s hope this happens since it is difficult to make decisions without all of the information.

The Board approved a change in the MOU for Crossing Guards within the City of Hayward.  They will now have complete responsibility and authority over all Crossing Guards.

The meeting closed with more public comments.  There were more Puente speakers.  There was a speaker towards the end that addressed the SERIOUS discipline HUSD is facing and the lack of support from the Board.  She cited several examples of disciplines that are now apparently acceptable in HUSD with little or no consequences.  I have seen this speaker before and I think her points are obvious at any campus across HUSD.  “We are putting up with behaviors that are not accepted anywhere else!”  I agree!


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