Straight from the HUSD Board Policies – BB 9200(a)

Limits of Board Members Authority
The Governing Board has broad but clearly limited powers. The exercise of its
authority is restricted to the functions required or permitted by law, and then
only when it acts in a legally constituted meeting.

The Board is the unit of authority. Apart from the normal function as part of the
unit, the Board member has no individual authority. Individually, the Board
member may not commit the district to any policy, act or expenditure. The
Board member cannot do business with the district served, nor should the Board
member have an interest in any contract with the school district in general. The
Board member does not represent any factional segment of the community, but
is rather a part of the body which represents and acts for the community as a

No individual member of the Board, by virtue of holding office, shall exercise any
administrative responsibility with respect to the schools; nor, as an individual,
command the services of any school employee.

No members of the Board shall be asked to perform any routine or clerical duties
which may be assigned to an employee, nor shall any Board member become an
employee of his/her district while serving on the Board.

Board members who visit schools of their own volition have no more authority
than any other citizen
. Board members have authority only in regularly called
meetings of the Board, or when delegated specific tasks by Board action.


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