26 04 2010

There is a big Board Meeting scheduled for April 28th at 6:30pm, Hayward City Hall.

This is the meeting where our Trustees will be presented with the presentation on Mapping the Road to Fiscal Recovery from Janis Duran.  Anyone who attended the April 21st Special Board Meeting knows what the basic proposal looks like.  It isn’t a great picture for our students.  It includes increasing class sizes (32 max for K-6, 37 max for 7-12), reducing hours for custodial, psychologists, campus supervisors, counselors, nurses, attendance clerks, etc.  It also includes the elimination of elementary music programs throughout the District.  The proposed cuts only total $12,115,800.  It was made very clear that we need to come up with $18million.  On the back-up list you can see student/parents supplying bathroom supplies, athletics, libraries, crossing guards and special ed.  It’s an astounding amount of information and I strongly encourage you to look it over prior to Wednesday.

Our Trustees will be voting to move forward with these recommendation on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28th!  Make your voices heard!  Question the amounts of some of these cuts!  Think about the long-term impact of these recommendations.




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